The all-welded aluminum boat of the Yamal-770 project is a sports cruiser for the whole family. This boat model will amaze you with its spaciousness and ergonomics. Each element of this model is thoroughly thought out and verified. On board it can easily spend time up to 10 people with maximum comfort. In the bow cabin there is a sleeping place for three people, as well as a full-fledged galley and latrine. Seven seats are located on the cockpit, which indicates that this is a huge area for such a size class. The seats on the cockpit are transformed into three berths, which in turn provides six berths on the entire boat.


  • Length 7.7 m
  • 2.5 m wide
  • Side height at midship 1.7 m
  • Maximum overall height 2.7 m
  • Keeled nose 39 °
  • Pitching angle at midship 20 °
  • Kilover angle on transom 13 °
  • Number of beds 6
  • Passenger capacity up to 10
  • Weight 1850 kg
  • 1100 kg payload
  • Engine Type Outboard or Stationary
  • Maximum speed 75 km / h
  • Recommended engine power Up to 300 hp
  • Fuel capacity from 550 to 700
  • Drinking water supply 120 l
  • Case material Aluminum-magnesium alloy AMG-5m
  • 5 mm bottom thickness
  • Board thickness 4 mm
  • Deck and superstructure thickness 4 mm
  • Draft 0.4 m