Motor yacht Yamal-29M was built according to the original Russian project and is intended for professional use as a multipurpose vehicle


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The Yamal-29M motor yacht was built according to the original Russian design and is intended for professional use as a multi-purpose vehicle when increased hull reliability is required.

The motor yacht Yamal-29M is designed for operation in severe weather conditions in the coastal zone of the seas, lakes, reservoirs and large rivers, during the period of permitted navigation in the free from ice period in the daylight and dark hours of the day.

This project differs from its analogues in increased seaworthiness and durability of the hull structure.
The keel in the nose at 43 degrees provides a cruise speed of 20 knots at a wave height of up to 1 meter.

The model of the Yamal-29M boat differs from the Yamal-29 with a loading capacity and a cockpit increased by 500 mm in length.

The length of the body is the largest 9 m
The width of the body is the largest 2.54 m
Draft by hull on design waterline 0.34 m
Sideboard midship 1.38 m
Welded Housing
Outboard engine type
Recommended engine power up to 350
Case Material AMG-5m
5 mm bottom thickness
Board thickness 4 mm
Deck and superstructure thickness 4 mm
Roof thickness 3 mm
Weight 2200 kg
Payload 1250 kg
Keeled nose 43 °
Midshiping Midship 27 °
Keeled on transom 19 °
Fuel capacity 550 l
Fresh water supply 100 l
Total number of people on board up to 8
Number of beds 5
Seaworthiness by sea, score 3

Non-slip deck
Two color painting of the hull of the boat
Glazing: 6mm tempered glass with two movable side windows
Polyurethane foam buoyancy blocks
Hinged entrance door
Hand rail nasal Ø 25 mm.
Mooring ducks – 6 pcs.
Cabinets in the cabin – 2 pcs.
Cabin lockers – 3 pcs.
Cockpit lockers – 3 pcs.
Cabin deck hatch
Soft cabin cabin
Soft cabin cabin
Sleeping places – 5pcs.
Combined cabin and cabin finishing (marine foamed vinyl, Carpet, painting, wood elements
finishes, marine carpet)
Cushioned Captain’s Chair
Cushioned navigator seat
Fuel gauge
Water level indicator
Windshield wipers – 3 pcs.
LED lighting in the cabin.
LED lighting in the wheelhouse
12V socket
USB socket
Marine electrical control panel
Fuse box
Fuel filter with separator
Mass off key
Sound signal
Running lights
Masthead fire
Electric bilge pumps 3 pcs
Fuel tank 550 l.
Fresh water tank 100l.
Galley (one hotplate, sink with cold water mixer, storage system for kitchen utensils)
Galyun bleeding in the wheelhouse (separate entrance from the cockpit with a hinged door)

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Price in standart equipment: 3 000 000 rubles

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