High-technology production and sale of aluminum boats Yamal
in St. Petersburg, Russia

Construction of aluminum boats «Yamal» according to individual projects

CST Boats

During 6 years, the CST has been engaged in the full cycle of production of all-welded aluminum boats. Own production facilities allow us to provide full range of services for: construction, tuning, transportation, maintenance, repair and storage of water-motor equipment.

All boats produced by our company are unique in their own way and constructed as individual projects. CST offers to the future owners unique right to create its own boat projects by changing the layout and options at his discretion, and therefor significantly expanding the scope of their usage.

Our boats


The all-welded Yamal-21 cabin boat based on the concept of a weekend boat. The mass-dimensional characteristics of this model allow, without special skills allow to carry out: transportation, launching, operation on water and lifting the boat from the water, and the hull made of aluminum alloys AMg5m is not unpretentious in operation.


The Yamal-29 boat is unique and universal in operation and can be used for fishing, diving, tourism, and also for professional purposes such as patrolling waters, rescue operations, ensuring security in ports, transporting goods and people, etc.


Motor yacht Yamal-29M has been collaborated according to the original Russian project and it is intended for professional use as a multipurpose vehicle when increased reliability of the hull is required.


The all-welded aluminum boat of the YAMAL-30 project is designed for operation in severe weather conditions in the coastal zone of seas, lakes, reservoirs and large rivers, in an ice-free period during the day and night


The Yamal-31M boat can be considered as flagship of the Yamal series of boats, created according to the original Russian project and combines all advanced technologies for construction of modern small boats.


The all-welded aluminum boat Yamal-31 is universal in operation and can be used: for fishing, tourism and other types of water recreation, as well as for professional purposes: patrolling water areas, rescue operations, ensuring security in ports, transporting goods and people, etc.

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